About K and Z Pickles – Since 1940

sortK-Z Pickles has been in Business for 75 years. We are located in Camden New Jersey. Our Pickles are the Best in the U.S !

Kaplan and his older brother, Ronald, inherited K & Z from their father, Herman, who started it in his garage in 1940, when Camden still hummed with industry and hope. Even today, the family-size business remains what the threadbare New Jersey city that broodingly faces Philadelphia used to be.


K & Z is one of only a handful of pickle factories left in the entire eastern United States, and the only one in South Jersey. The pickle odors from the plant are such a pleasant part of the faded South Camden neighborhood that no one complains, and they would be missed if they were to disappear.


If you eat hoagies, you’ve had their peppers. If you like pickles, you’ve had theirs. Someone else’s label might be on them, but K & Z pickles are sold
from Boston to Washington, and as far west as Harrisburg.
After World War II, the neighborhood started moving away from them. The plant sits near the new city water tower, the one with the large Camden painted on its side.
It sits between empty fields where businesses once stood, and across the road from vacant, ramshackle row houses that used to be homes. It is dwarfed
From behind by a gigantic, generations-old building that is a mammoth refrigeration warehouse where the stored goods include surplus government butter and cheese.
K & Z stands for Kaplan & Zubrin. The brothers’ mother was a Zubrin before she was a Kaplan. Her brother, Louis Zubrin, helped her husband soak the first pickles in brine behind their house in the Parkside neighborhood of Camden.